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Southern N’ Sassy Decor

*Caramel Apple Decor / Tiered Tray Decor / Choice of 5

*Caramel Apple Decor / Tiered Tray Decor / Choice of 5

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Last year we released our very popular caramel apple teapot and bookstack on Etsy. This set was and is still a hit in our shop! Since creating that set, we have began carrying many pieces that have become beloved and highly requested. So, this year, we are continuing the caramel apple collection with our 5 coordinating pieces. 

Rainboot: painted in a matching shade of red to coincide with our teapot and bookstack and drizzled in a faux caramel drizzle with nuts and apple sprinkles. An adorable caramel apple saying, polka dots and a medley of ribbons and apple shaped embellishments makes this cutie a must have. Miniature apples sit on the toe of the boot in more faux drizzle and really add something special to this piece. Perfect for tiered trays. 6” tall. 
(straws and apples inside the boot not included) 

Cutting Board: how adorable is this cutting board sign? Painted in a matching shade of red to our other pieces. Embellished with red and green apple slices, an adorable wooden green apple with the sweetest little face and cute wording.. More drizzle cuteness running down from the top and sides of the board and a medley of ribbon and apple embellishments finish this cutie off. 10x5.3”

Marshmallow Cutie: this is LIMITED item. I’ve been asked for quite some time to make these marshmallow cuties and for one reason or another chose NOT to, but for this collection, I recently chose to surprise my sweet customers. :) She is simply the cutest! Topped with a red and green caramel and faux nut covered apple duo, more fake caramel drizzle, a cute little bow with apple embellishment and the sweetest little face to match the cutting board apple. Matches perfectly to our bookstack, teapot and other items in this collection. 3” approximately. 

Mini Mug: how yummy does this look? Starts with our white espresso mug 3.5 oz. Drizzled in faux caramel goodness, more faux nuts and topped with a caramel brown faux whip, two apple slices in red and green and coordinating sprinkles and 2 cinnamon sticks. Coordinating ribbons and a cute matchy-matchy saying finishes this beauty off. 

Wheelbarrow: When I came across these tin cuties several weeks ago, I knew I HAD to do something adorable with them! I immediately envisioned caramel apple cuteness and that is exactly what we have here. Filled with a caramel brown faux whip, topped with a trio of apples covered in more drizzle, nuts, sprinkles and finished off with a cute bow.  5” approximately.

Bookstack and Teapot SOLD AND AVAILABLE in separate listings. 🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎

processing time: 2-4 weeks  


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